Fitness Classes

Our Fitness Classes include CrossFit classes and Olympic Weightlifting classes and are designed to build strength, increase endurance, and train the body for optimum fitness levels.



Our CrossFit classes are designed to improve your strength, power, endurance, stamina, coordination and flexibility. Classes are varied in nature and are different every day, keeping your body guessing and your mind wanting more. It truly is the best option there is for improving your physical fitness.


Olympic Weightlifting

Our Olympic Weightlifting classes focus on optimizing technique, flexibility, and strength specifically for the Snatch and Clean and Jerks. We do not have classes all year, but we do offer them periodically in 6 week blocks.

Fitness Services

Our Fitness services are designed to offer fitness training specialized to whatever you or your group is looking for. Services range from Corporate Training to Sport Specific Training and more!


Sports Specific Training

Our Sports Specific Training is designed for one athlete or multiple athletes and the goal of the program is to enhance the athlete’s general physical fitness, specifically their explosiveness, their strength and their endurance and stamina. We do not try to enhance any sport specific skills, only general fitness so that they can be in the best physical shape possible when it’s time to play.


Corporate Fitness

Our Corporate Fitness program is designed to get your company or your team together for a training experience that will improve each individual’s fitness but also their productivity, their mood and their cohesiveness when working as a unit.

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