What’s on Jason’s Mind?


What’s on Jason’s Mind?

At the end of every month I like to have an unplanned post reserved for whatever has been on my mind lately. This week’s post is filled with optimism, because we have some pretty awesome things in the pipeline here. You see, for the vast majority of the history of exercise and wellbeing, we haven’t had any real science to guide us. Sure we have scales to weigh ourselves and we can take measurements of our different body parts, and of course we can measure our athletic performances, but those are all reactive figures. What I mean by that is we have to do some sort of guess work in terms of the exercise program we do, and then we test ourselves and hope that we did the right things.

What has me so optimistic is some awesome new technology that is being created in the health and wellness space to be PROACTIVE measures – they give us information before hand so that we can hand craft exactly the most optimal exercise and diet protocols for the most efficient and fastest results as possible. We’ll literally have the key to unlock your specific weightloss puzzle.

Coming soon we will have a piece of technology called the Cardio Coach, and what this does is it measures your respiratory rate at rest and at increasing heart rates. This gives us some pretty important pieces of information:

  • First, we will find out your exact resting metabolic rate, which is the minimum amount of calories your body requires at rest. It will also be able to determine the optimal macronutrient breakdown for YOUR specific body, meaning we’ll know how many grams of protein, carbohydrate and fats you should be consuming on a daily basis.
  • Secondly, we will be able to find your optimal fat-burning heart rate. This will be incredibly important for our weight-loss clients who are at risk of obesity and other chronic illnesses. We will be able to give you a very specific heart rate to exercise at, and combined with your specific nutrition plan, we’ll be able to attack your excess body fat like never before.
  • Lastly, for those interested in maximizing athletic performance, we’ll be able to test your V02 max, which will give us insights on your optimal training zones and areas we can improve for the biggest athletic performance improvements as possible.

Combining the Cardio Coach with our new Dexascan unit will allow us to make the most unique and specific plans for our clients, and we’ll be able to make huge improvements in the shortest amount of time possible.

Another super exciting new technology is called Continuous Glucose Monitoring, or CGM. This one is a little further down the road, but what it does is it monitors the glucose levels in your blood. The technology was developed for diabetes patients, but what we are understanding is that the technology can be used to help us understand how our body reacts to food BEFORE someone becomes diabetic. This could literally be life saving!

The technology will show you in real time how your blood glucose reacts to the different food you eat. You’ll see a graph on your phone with acceptable glucose levels, and as you eat you’ll notice your glucose levels change. If you see a major spike, that is a BIG RED FLAG that your body does not like what you just ate, and the spike will trigger an insulin response which is what tells the body to store glucose as fat. The more we understand how our bodies react to food, the better we can prevent glucose spikes. This is the first time ever that we will have such a complete picture of our glucose levels and how our bodies react to various foods. By preventing glucose spikes, we’ll be able to keep our bodies in “fat burning mode” for much longer, which I’m hopeful will be a significant weapon in our battle against the ever growing obesity epidemic.